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Srep 2: Design Your Home

Johnson Design Homes is unique in the custom home industry in that Johnson Design Homes’ services also include the design and permitting of your home. Many contractors leave this to you the owner to secure an architect and manage site conditions and code and structural requirements for your home design. With Johnson design Homes George will work with you to develop a “Design Brief”. The Design Brief spells out styling desires, overall home requirements and a targeted square footage. In doing the Design Brief realistic expectations are set regarding your desires and the size of your home. Once the Design Brief is done you meet with Johnson and he begins the design of your home. At this stage a deposit of $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the scope of the project, is taken to cover the cost of the preliminary design. This deposit is applied to the cost of the project and is in your square foot allowance. Johnson works with you until you receive a design you are fully satisfied with. This design is taken to the “Preliminary Plan” stage and is a quarter inch scale fully dimensioned plans. It is also at this stage that the specifications are finalized and you do any mixing and matching of the specifications. In addition the site conditions are addressed if there is any unbudgeted items. At this stage you now have a firm price and can apply for any financing.