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Custom Home Program

Step 1: Select Your Level of Finish and Overall Budget

Johnson Design homes has specific specification for three price levels: $250 per sq. ft., $300 per sq. ft. and $350 per sq. ft. Johnson Design Homes is unique in the custom home industry in that all three of these levels incorporate all cost; including design, drawings, permits, building fees, landscaping and construction. The only additions would be for specific site conditions such as shoring, piling or excessive slopes. Also these fees do not include sales tax or financing cost.

First determine your budget and how you want your home to look. You can do your initial planning and rest assured that your budget will be respected by working with our specific specifications for each level. The process can be as easy as saying you would like a 4,000 sq. ft. home and the budget for that home would be set firm at $1,000,000 with the agreed upon pre-approved specifications and square footage. You control the process at all times. A final overall budget is arrived at by adding sales tax, a budget for your financing cost and identifying any specific site conditions. Once this is done you now have a realistic budget that you can make plans for.