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Choosing The Right Builder

Selecting your builder is probably the most important element in a successful experience that results in the home you want. Selecting the right builder can make the experience creative and fun. There are three qualifications your builder must have: 1.) A commitment to your satisfaction at a demonstrated level of quality that you expect. The builder needs to have a demonstrated ability to meet your expectations. 2.) Be financially qualified and capable of meeting your commitments. You need to have the mental security to know the funds released are being used on your home and that the builder is in good standing with his subcontractors. 3.) Have a clearly defined process of how the home is conceived and the budget is developed. A builder with a well defined upfront process from advising on land acquisition, design and budget will have the greatest success at delivering a home on time and on budget.

Many builders have drained their financial resources and have very little opportunity. They are desperate for a job and their focus is about getting the job not your satisfaction. In addition many builders have had financial difficulty and have lost the confidence of their valued subcontractors for timely payment. While there have never been more builders willing to build a custom home, there has never been so few as qualified as Johnson Design Homes, to build your home when put to the test of quality, financial strength and a well defined and clear process.