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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get financing?
Because the strong financial position of Johnson Design Homes strong financial position, we are approved by many banks as a custom home builder. Despite what is said there is custom construction financing available and the banks like to work with Johnson and his customers because of the successful outcome of his building projects. Banks know good builders attract good and valuable customers.

Can I miss and match the three different trim levels?
Yes you can mix and match but in the initial stages selecting a base level of finish keeps the process simple. Once the design is done then it is easy to mix and match the specifications to finalize the price.

Will You Build Another Architect’s Design?
Probably not. Johnson can offer the price, quality and service by designing your home and working out in his mind how it will be built. He then oversees the construction personally. He knows how all the surfaces need to meet and how the best and most efficient construction can take place. With plans created by others there are potential dimension problems, logistical production problems for a new plan and in some cases the home plans has major mistakes that are often discovered in the field. By working with Johnson on the above Design and Build process it creates a known budget and value that cannot be matched by others